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About Us

ES Enterprises Inc. announced today that it will pay a 10% commission to its Business Development Representatives (BDRs) for any PHIN sale. The PHIN HIT solution is designed to enable the healthcare legacy world migration to PHR/EMR interoperability. PHIN qualifications include successful delivery of the following technology: * Concurrent transformation methodology, * RHIO implementation methodology, * Healthcare portal collaborative space, * PHR/EMR templates, * Node-to-node interoperability, * HIPAA compliant high-speed file transfer, * Computer Physician Order Entry with PDA connectivity, * Biometrics scan and SMART Card, * Event threshold notification, * Decision support tools, * Geospatial and RFID technology, * Infrastructure design and delivery, * Case management tools, and * Disparate database access with workflow control. Please note, before any healthcare provider buys a HIT solution they should contact, smonatesti@verizon.net

We offer two additional team capabilities for secured, virtual network access RAHN (patient care teams) and EMOC 2 (marketing, sales and project management work teams).  All products use patented Business Intelligence capabilities.

ES Enterprises, Inc. is a Management Consulting Firm specializing in IT training, system integration, telecommunications and management consulting.  ES Enterprises boasts knowledge in program and project management, planning, design, installation and operation of telecommunications, network and computer systems.  The ES Enterprises, Inc. services portfolio includes:

q       IT Training that includes "just-in-time" and "train-the-trainer" concepts & course offerings; including Organization of Data, Mainframe and C/S Computing, Network and Workgroup Computing, Project Management and Strategic Planning

q       Project Management that includes; Best Practices Methodology, Meeting Facilitation, Problem Solving, Team Building, Estimating and Decision Support

q       Change Management that includes; Process Modeling, Performance Assessment, Strategic and Tactical Planning, Implementation Planning and Service Level Agreement/Operation Level Agreement establishment

q       Infrastructure Design and Development that includes; Network Assessment, Database Implementation, Network Implementation and Telecommunications System Integration

q       ReAsureHealthNode Deployment that includes; the Referral Manager (Beta Version). This application speeds, simplifies and secures the exchange of patient information during the PCP to specialist referral process.


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